Burgers vs Wings + Bar (BWB) @ Orchard Central

We decided to head to BWB @ Orchard Central thinking we could use the Entertainer App 1 for 1 voucher. Bummer! Little did I realize that I can’t use the app voucher on public holidays or public holiday eve. And in this case it was a Good Friday public holiday today.. Nevertheless, Lesson learnt and we decided to stick around anyway.


Since this is a Burgers and Wings place we decided to order just that. We placed orders for the Tyson Burger, Buffalo wings and Fries Combo.

BWB-Tyson Burger

Tyson Burger $21.90

The Tyson burger comes with an Angus beef patty topped with peanut butter, cheese, bacon, sunny side up, sandwiched between tomato brioche buns. Taste was pretty alright. We ordered burger cooked at medium – the beef was adequately pink in the middle. Honestly, I don’t think I would order this burger again. The burger is priced at $21.90 without any sides – no coleslaw, salad or fries. I thought this was kind of pricey and the patty was pretty small that it wasn’t visible from the side..

The Tyson burger actually reminds me of the creative burgers at Deburg which I had a couple of years back and I miss those! Deburg had Nutella or Peanut butter spread burgers and I believe they were one of the first few in Singapore to use such spreads on their burgers.


Hot Buffalo Wings in Medium Spicy ($15)

We were contemplating between Medium Spicy or Suicide level wings. After tasting the Medium Spicy, I thought maybe we should’ve gone for the Suicide level. The Medium Spicy wings were nowhere near spicy. BWB’s rendition of the spicy wings were more creamy and this one in particular had a cheesy taste to it. I kind of enjoyed the cheesy flavor since I am biased towards anything with cheese. If you’re looking for the more authentic buffalo taste – tangy and spicy, you would not find that in the medium spicy wings. The serving size was pretty good though, there were about 8 chicken wing parts in total.

BWB_Combo fries

Combo Fries – French fries, Yam fries and Sweet Potato fries ($6.80)

This was the first time I have eaten Yam fries and I got to say I really liked it, they were so crispy golden on the outside but also a tad chewy yam texture inside. The fries were all crispy and had a nice bite to it. It’s hard to go wrong with fries really, I suppose. I absolutely loved the Yam and Sweet Potato fries especially. For $6.80, this is really worth it for the portion, especially for folks who want just to have a beer and some side snacks.

Beer and House wine was 1-for-1 between 5pm – 9pm daily so we took advantage of that and ordered 1 round of Coronas.

The final bill came without 10% Service charge surprisingly. I might just pop by again when I can use my Entertainer app and happen to be in the Somerset area. Sadly, I wouldn’t come back for the burgers the next time, but I might come back to try the Suicide level wings. I also remember having a plate of Spaghetti Marinara here which was pretty decent.

Burgers vs Wings + Bar (BWB)

#11-03/04, Orchard Central,
181 Orchard Road, S238896
Tel: +65 66340423

Cycling @ Punggol Waterway on Good Friday

With my trusty bike, I woke up at 9am today for a round of cycling in Punggol. I always enjoy taking in the scenery while cycling here – be it day or night, the sights are indeed very different. Weather today was cloudy and wasn’t too hot – finally a nice break from the extremely hot weather for the past week.


Punggol Waterway Terrace

It must be so nice for the residents here to live right in front of the Waterway area and being just a stone’s throw away from Waterway Point.


Even if the mall isn’t opened yet, cyclists tend to stop by the foyer for a short water break. At night the lights here are fantastic! I love stopping to take some pictures and just simply chilling around the area.



The area is sprinkled with cozy huts overlooking the Waterway



Selfie time with Coney Island right behind me.

Loving my Kosha clear Quay sunglasses – took it out for a spin today while cycling. The reflective mirror lens are super cool :P

Coney island is getting more and more popular amongst cyclists in the area, saw so many people heading there today.


Punggol Point and its plethora of eateries

I have yet to try the popular White (白) Restaurant known for their famous White Bee Hoon. Need to get there by 5pm when it opens so that the overall time for queuing up is shorter. Note to self to try it some time soon!! I love patronizing the bistros or restaurants on the 2nd floor while enjoying the sea breeze. The wind gets stronger especially during end of year. What better time than to have a nice glass of wine or ice cool beer. :)


Cute row of rainbow warehouses near the Marina Country Club. Brings a smile to my face whenever I cycle past this.

Happy Good Friday~~!

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Review

I had my Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac for about 3 years now. However, I didn’t use it for awhile now because I have been obsessed with mini sling bags recently and started to add a few others to my collection. I recently rekindled my love for my Mini Mac in electric blue :) I dug it out one day when I was looking for a bohemian bag to match my outfit and thought this matched up pretty well.

Rebecca Minkoff_Electric Blue

Rebecca Minkoff_Interior

This is what looks like inside the bag – simple with a one slot pocket. I think Rebecca Minkoff varies the interior lining used – mine’s in leopard print.

Part of why I rekindled my passion for this bag was because I was amazed with what I could stuff in it despite the size of the bag! Most of my small bags would never fit in my bulky Anker mobile charger along with my other necessities. I was able to throw in – my Raybans shades, lip stick for the day, a pack of tissues, my mobile phone (I’m using the Xperia Z5), mobile phone charger, and my Canon Powershot G7x (not in picture). I could fit in my slim wallet too but since there was a pocket at the back of the bag, I usually take out some cash and important cards and stuff them behind.

With the cross body sling, I find it suitable for running errands in the day hands-free and the design is beautiful enough for a girl’s night out! The straps are detachable so it can also be used as a clutch for a casual day out for high tea. I would definitely put on the straps if I am out for some heavy shopping.

Rebecca Minkoff - Whats_in_my_mini_mac

Rebecca Minkoff - Interior2

Although I have so many packed in it, the shape and structure of the bag held up really well. The leather is pretty amazing and good quality. Even after 3 years I rarely see scuffed marks and any wear & tear show up that easily, simply because of the pebbled leather. The overall look of the bag is bohemian and edgy with the gold hardware yet versatile and functional. It’s no wonder I see more and more girls sporting this bag recently.

The Carving Board @ Jurong East Yuhua Village

Our plan for the Sunday yesterday was in the west. And since we were around the area, hubby wanted to try The Carving Board which he’s heard many reviews about. It’s nestled in the heartlands in a coffee shop at Yuhua Village Jurong East so we figured we’d drop by.

We were still wondering which part of Blk 252 that The Carving Board was. But as we drove along the carpark, we saw a queue lined up at a coffee shop and had a gut feeling that this was it. We confirmed that, once we saw the sign board. The coffee shop is situated right next to the hawker centre / wet market. Despite opening at 5pm, when we arrived at 5.15pm, there were already about 10 people in the line.

The Carving Board SignBoard


Items range from Burgers to spaghetti, your typical western fare like Fish & Chips, Pork Chop and of course the higher end items like Grilled Ribeye Steak priced at $22. There’s something for everyone here. In general, the prices are still slightly more expensive than what you would expect at the typical coffee shop Western food stall or Astons Express.

We finally decided on the Calamari Rings and the Premium Mix Grill for sharing. Hubby spent about 30 minutes queuing up before he got to the counter to make his orders and payment.

Queue Number

Queue number


Iced Lemon Tea ($1.80)

While waiting for the food to be delivered, we had a refreshing cup of iced lemon tea.

Calamari and Fries Combo ($6)

Calamari and Fries Combo with Tartar sauce ($6)

We didn’t wait too long for the food maybe another 15-20 mins before the Calamari came to the table. It looked delicious with its crispy breaded crumbs. Unfortunately, when I started to eat it, I didn’t feel the bite nor the taste of calamari. It was a soft mush in the centre which led me to think that maybe they grounded the calamari first before making these rings. Not my favourite for sure – I still like the actual calamari ring texture that I was used to eating. The fries that came with the combo were the standard thick cut fries.

Premium Grill - Chicken Leg, Steak and Lamb Chop

Premium Mix Grill – Chicken Leg, Steak and Lamb Chop ($22)

Finally, what we were waiting arrived and the dish was aptly served – yes you guessed it – on a carving board. I felt that the chicken leg was a little on the dry side. The steak and lamb however were seared nicely – look at the grill marks! The meats were succulent, juicy and well seasoned. I even enjoyed some parts of the beef where the fat was slightly crispy on the outside and oozed juices when biting into it. The brown sauce added a nice savory touch to the dish. It came with a small portion of salad, a piece of garlic bread and a side of your choice. We chose the mashed potatoes which was creamy and buttery smooth. Overall this was pretty enjoyable with the exception of the chicken leg.



Check out the queue at about 7pm when we were done with our meal. Apparently people do come as early as 5pm for dinners to avoid waiting for too long! Insane! I would imagine the guy at the end of the queue would be waiting for as long as 1 hour before he reaches the counter. The line was just one-third of this at 5.15pm when we arrived.

I thought the prices were pretty reasonable for the serving portion and the satisfaction we had from the steak and lamb chop. It’s worth checking out if you’re around the west area.

The Carving Board

#01-107, Yuhua Village
252 Jurong East Street 24, 600252
Tel: +65 97898262
Opening hours: 5pm – 10.30pm

Bedrock Bar & Grill Lunch Set @ Somerset 313

I recently went back last week to Bedrock Bar & Grill for a birthday celebration. The last time I came here was a couple of years ago during dinner time – which you choose from their ala carte menu. This time I decided to try out the lunch set which they still offer over weekends. Surprise Surprise, I thought usually lunch sets will only be available during weekdays.

The price for a lunch set which includes steak is $58++, I thought this price was really reasonable for the quality of beef and get an appetizer and dessert of my choice. For non-beef eaters, it is $38++ for non-steak dishes – Chicken and fish were available. They just updated their menu slightly last week so I was pleasantly surprised when I got there.

Set Lunch course

I chose the Char-grilled Baby Gem, Irish Dry Aged Ribeye and Sticky Stout & Toffee Pudding.

Roasted Baby Gem

Roasted Baby Gem

I wondered what a Baby Gem was when I first saw the name. If anything I thought it sounded good, who wouldn’t want to have gems for appetizers :P. Did a quick search on google and realized it’s a type of lettuce. I ordered this and it turned out delightfully refreshing with balsamic vinegar. The slightly charred roasted baby gems added a punch on top of its crunchy juicy leaves. I liked the overall flavors mixed together with the grilled bacon. Indeed yum.

Irish Dry Aged Ribeye

Irish Dry Aged Ribeye

Presentation was simple with the Ribeye lying atop a bed of sauteed mushrooms. The Ribeye was well seared on both sides, tender and easy to slice. It was succulent and juicy with every morsel. I managed to finish the entire dish myself, which is rare for me when it comes to steak. I highly recommend this.

Sticky Stout and Toffee Pudding

Sticky Stout and Toffee Pudding

I always love Sticky Toffee Pudding and this one was accompanied by cool Ginger Nut ice cream. I bit into the warm soft sticky pudding, and the cold ice cream dancing around in my mouth as it melted. The ginger taste added a punch which I thought was really interesting. I cleared this plate within seconds! Truly a comforting dessert!

My friend chose the Lobster Bisque, Wood-fired Grill New York Steak and Chocolate Profiteroles.

Lobster Bisque

Lobster Bisque

With so many hits, unfortunately the Lobster Bisque was a miss. It had a bitter after-taste after having a few spoonfuls.

Woodfire-Grilled NY Steak

Woodfire-Grilled NY Steak

Sliced Woodfire -Grilled NY Steak 2

Sliced Woodfire -Grilled NY Steak

The Woodfire Grilled NY Steak was also very well seared on both sides, with a pinkish-reddish hue when sliced open (she ordered medium). The NY Steak was tender but still not as tender as the Irish Dry Age Ribeye. My friend opted for the mashed potatoes instead of fries. That decision was the best decision ever as we both enjoyed the creamy mashed potatoes so much.

Chocolate Profiteroles with Affogato Ice cream

Chocolate Profiteroles with Affogato Ice cream

My friend also thoroughly enjoyed the Chocolate Profiteroles with coffee ice cream. And even though she was full from her steak, she managed to finish her entire dessert.

Paying $58++ for appetizer, main and dessert I thought this was a really good deal considering the serving portion wasn’t small and the quality of steak was great. I would definitely come back again for their lunch set if I have another chance. The service staff were very attentive and were constantly checking on us and asking us how the food was.

Bedrock Bar & Grill

#01-05, Pan Pacific Serviced Suites, 96 Somerset Road, 238163 (just next to Orchard 313)
For reservations, call +65 6884 6884